Leave your biggest fans
starstruck with StarDM

StarDM is a brand new socially acceptable marketplace allowing ‘stars’ to connect with their fan base and easily generate income through the form of either personalised videos, subscriptions and virtual events, or all three.

What’s more, the tech platform that StarDM has built allows the ‘star’ to earn with ease. Simply film using your smartphone, read out the message and press send, with messages taking no longer than 30 seconds to record and earnings between £50 and £5000 per message.

Gain an extra income

Give your fans a chance to glimpse into your world, and earn money whilst doing so.

Star video

Reaction video

How it works

Multiple ways to connect to your fans.

Personalised Wish

Send a personalised message to a fan. Perfect for birthdays, congratulations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more.


Corporate shout-outs, team building, seasonal company greetings, special guests and appearances.


Post exclusive video content to your profile and fans can subscribe at a monthly charge set by you.

Virtual Event

Host a virtual event from the comfort of your home. Events can be Q&As, virtual performances, interviews and more.

Live DM

Have a live DM chat with a fan. State on your profile whether you’re willing to chat or answer some questions.

Why Join?

A platform like no other.

Build your fan base

Build a direct, meaningful connection with your audience, making their wishes come true.

Multi-touchpoint service

Spread happiness via personalised videos, live streams, subscription services and charity contributions.

Increase revenue

Provide additional income via digital and virtual content over a fully-integrated, safe and reliable platform.


Help restore lost revenue in the entertainment sector from COVID-19 and offer joy to your audience during these unprecedented times.

Earning Potential

Wondering if it’s worth it?

Calculate your potential earnings





Total Earnings *


Minutes Spent


* Subject to StarDM fee

On StarDM, if you create 10 videos a week priced at
£90/video, you will be earning £900/week.

That’s £46,800/year for only 10 minutes of your time
per week*.

* assuming 1 minute is spent on each of your videos

Support Package

We’re here to help.

Cutting-edge technology

Reliable platform with data-protecting security.

Minimal time spent

Easy video messaging process.

User-friendly dashboard

Easy-to-control pricing, track earnings and complete orders.

Personal account manager

So you can focus on making videos.

Input Requirements

Complete orders within 60 seconds of picking up your phone


Accept or reject requests in line with your schedule.


Recording a message could not be simpler. All within one mobile


Review, send and message customers, all within your personal
mobile dashboard.


Automatic payment through the StarDM platform.

Charity Support

We value the importance of giving back.

We are proud to donate a percentage of our feeds to charities supporting the entertainment industry affected by COVID-19.

You can pick a charity to donate a percentage of your fees to, and promote the charity of your choice on your personal page.

Success Story

Check out one of our successful Stars.

Stardm Promo 15s V2.mp4 from James Radford on Vimeo.

It is possible for a celebrity who has only had a one-off appearance on TV to earn in excess of £100,000 a year for a lifetime with StarDM.

With more recognisable celebrities this can be much, much higher.

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Minutes spent


Cash earning