About Us

What is STARDM? 

STARDM is the ultimate celebrity interaction platform. In short, we make people laugh, smile, dance, and sometimes cry, with pure joy.

STARDM offers a safe, positive space for stars to connect with their fans. Since its inception, STARDM has grown into an expansive marketplace that allows entertainment stars to connect with their fan base in multiple ways through one easy-to-use platform. To keep things straightforward, we focus on three core services: Live, which covers live events from various entertainment sectors across every part of the globe; Message, which lets fans purchase personalised video messages from their favourite celebrities; and Subscribe, which allows fans to see exclusive content. STARDM gives fans the chance to engage with the biggest stars in the world while removing barriers such as geography and accessibility. 

For our stars, we hand them creative control and provide them with a space to shine. STARDM makes fretting over analytics and fighting algorithms a thing of the past. We provide the digital infrastructure and marketing know-how to make the most of your brand. We want our stars’ brands to flourish, and to that end, it costs absolutely nothing to sign up with us. You choose which services you provide, how frequently you want to produce content, and how much for. Making money from your stardom has never been this easy!